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How many sites and keywords can I use this for?
There is no limit on the number of sites or URLs that you can build links to. You can build links to one domain, two, three, or 100 domains. Or you can build links to various specific URL pages (which is recommended). We have several members using this for their clients websites too.

Can I use Proxies?
Yes, absolutely. Proxies are not explicitly required, but they may be needed after some time if you run many registrations from the same IP. In that case your IP may get temporarily banned and you will need proxies. This is one reason we suggest not going absolutely crazy with creating thousands of accounts at once. Be "smart" about the speed. However, if you want to create a ton of accounts and registrations quickly and at the same time, then you should probably use some proxies.

Can I use this on foreign sites?
Backlink Beast works great for foreign sites/keywords too. We currently have several SEO clients that are using it on their foreign sites. The software specifically supports non-english characters too in the content but note that the non-english characters might not appear correct every single time on all of the sites, since many of the sites used are mostly English sites. But one thing others have done with success is use English content but use "foreign language" anchor texts in the content.

How many computers can I install this on?

For each paid license, you can install and register Backlink Beast with the same email/password account on One computer at any given time. However, you can Reset the software license as many times as you'd like by logging into your members area at . After logging in, go to "My Account". From there, you can reset the license (see bottom of the page). Click that Reset License button.

After you reset the license, you can register the software onto the different computer.
Is Linkpipeline required to make Backlink Beast work?

No. Linkpipeline is a great addition to the power of Backlink Beast, but it's not required. We do recommend it, and we use it ourselves with many of our Backlink Beast campaigns. You can still get good results with Backlink Beast, without using Linkpipeline in conjunction. The way the software is set up is that you can build backlinks with Backlink Beast, and then if you have an optional Linkpipeline account, you can quickly send those newly built links over to the Linkpipeline account with just one or two clicks. So it's a pretty seamless integration.

In our opinion, Linkpipeline is the best indexing service online, and we're happy to have it built directly into Backlink Beast for those who have accounts at LP, or for those new customers who are interested in joining. But again, it's completely optional, and you can always decide to join Linkpipeline later..
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